fredag 26. september 2008


YEEY!! My group actually won the lipsync-competition. It was so much fun. First we got to the finals with 9 other groups and had to do one more performance for the entire school. Afterwards everyone had to go on stage and all the groups got different prizes, like for instance best costume and so on. We were the last group to receive something, so I was thinking that we might not get anything. Then suddenly our principle announced that 2008 Lipsync-champs was us, "I hate mondays" (If I manage to upload the video you'll understand why we were called that, haha). Well anyway, its so good that they do these kind of things at school, its really something Norwegian schools can learn from, because its so social and fun. And last night we had a party to celebrate, which was really fun! Now Im just sitting here doing nothing, but I should probably start packing because Im going on holiday in a few days. Yippi, looking forward to that!! So yea I probably wont blogg for maybe 2 weeks, take care everyone.


onsdag 24. september 2008


Hey everyone up north!!

Sunday at 3PM we took off in some really shabby school-buses, all ready for our snow-camp. I was thinking finally, as it had already been postponed three times. We drove for about one and a half hour, and then we started walking. The first evening we were walking for two hours, uphill all the way. We managed to get to the hut just in time before it got dark.

The hut was really crowded because it was already another family there, as well as maybe six guys from the Nelson Boys College. Anyway, everyone made food (We had a risotto that tasted really bad, and I am not even fussy). Then we had to go to bed, but that was sort of impossible because there was this little boy who kept on laughing and farting and laughing again, all night. It made me crazy..haha. Well anyway, we had to get up at 5AM and get going as soon as possible.

We spent the day walking with crampons and learning different techniques with ice-axes. Then later on we started making snow-caves. That was so much fun because it reminded me of when I used to do it as a child, and the teacher was very impressed with my snow-cave making skills, haha. However, sleeping in the snow-cave was more like torture. Even though I almost froze to death (not litterary)it was too warm, so that the cave-ceiling started to melt, and it was dripping all night. I was terrified that the snow would just collapse on us, and I had to have another bag on the outside of my sleeping-bag, which I sort of had to sleep inside that as well and that was really claustrophobic. Didn't sleep much that night, and then luckily we just packed our stuff and went home the next day. I can't remeber last time I slept as well as I did last night, in a real bed that was dry and comfortable. Anyway, the camp was fun, and a real experience.

And then I am really happy at the moment because I got most of my exams back today. In social studies I got two Es (excellence, the best grade), and the teacher actually read my answers out loud because she was so impressed (imbarrasing yeap). And then I got an E in english unfamiliar text, and M+ (merit+, the next best grade+) on my essay. I did not expect it at all, so I now I am really happy. YEY!

By the way, we did the lipsync-thing today and it was so much fun. But I'll tell you more about that next time because I want to try to upload a video as well..


tirsdag 16. september 2008

2 months

Hello everyone!

I'm going to write in english for once (this one is for you Simon, and the rest of the 4.1 billion people:)).. First of all, SORRY for being a lousy blogger lately. But hey, I have an excuse: This week was exam week so I've been kind of busy. Yesterday I had an exam in english, which was OK. Then I had two exams today, first in cambridge english and then in social studies. So yeap, I'm tired now. The cambridge one was kind of easy, but the social studies exam was harder. I had to write about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It is a really interesting topic, but you have to remember a lot of quotes, names and figures. Anyway I did my best, and it was the only exams I have to take during my stay down here. So no more exams, finito, yeey!

Other then that it hasnt happened much. Im going to be in a lipsync competition next week, haha. Thats going to be fun, and I'll see if I can upload a video afterwards. On saturday I went on my first rugby-match and that was really fun. Didn't understand much of the rules though, but all the people were crazy, shouting and stuff, so that was cool. They have some really good supporters down here, and the rugby-matches are very social. Yes and then I think Im going to start playing touch rugby, which is quite similar to rugby but without the tackles. At the moment my life is ordinary, but I was on the beach yesterday.. The weather has been really bad for a long time, but yesterday it was sun for a change. So we went to the beach after the exam, and then I tried something called skim-boarding... Kind of hard to explain what its like, sliding on the sand.. Um and then I'm finally going on the snow-camp this sunday, and then next week its holiday for two weeks. So I have a lot to look forward to. And yea by the way, its actually two whole months since I came here..Man, the time goes fast.

Yea well, hope everyone's all good and sweet as (New Zealand expressions)..

Um and yea, I have some problems uploading photos but the first one is from a lipsync-practice (haha), and then the other ones are just from saturday with walking and rugby..

fredag 5. september 2008

Wonderful long weeked

Herlig med langhelg! Onsdag kveld skjedde ikke så mye anna enn at æ dro en tur til ho Karoline og så en relativt dårlig dvd, "Cleaner", som handla om en fyr som vaska crime-scenes. På torsdag dro vi en tur til Richmond Mall og spiste sushi. Yum, I love it! Det va rågodt, og sykt mye billigere i forhold til i Norge. Æ kjøpte 8 stykka for rundt 30kr, laks, tunfisk og kylling...

På kvelden dro vi en tur på enda en garasje-fest til ho Janele, og det va kjempeartig! Så sov vi hos ho Jaya, og fredagen tilbringte in town på Starbucks og en anna kafé som har verdens beste cheese-scones og smoothies.. Fredagskveld dro vi på kino og så "Taken". En film som handla om en pappa som måtte finne dattera si som va blidd kidnappa. Den va råbra! Kjempespennanes.. Og idag har vært en kjempeherlig dag. Sov lenge, og når æ våkna oppdaga æ at det endelig va sol! Så æ og ho Karoline dro på supermarkedet og kjøpte oreos og litt av hvert, og deretter gikk vi i sånn over 1 time for å komme til stranda. Vi gikk oss en smule bort på veien da.. Uansett, tilslutt kom vi frem til stranda også bada vi. Det va mye varmere enn æ trudde, men ganske kaldt i begynnelsen. Også va det veldig artig fordi for folk her nede e det enda vinter så folk så ganske rart på oss, men æ syns vannet va mye varmere enn i Tromsø når det e sommer. Etterpå satt vi på the beach-café også kom han Alex, Jules, Jodie og ho Megan. Så æ har så langt hadd ei kjempebra helg!!

onsdag 3. september 2008

Mid-term break

Heia alle sammen!

Tenkte æ kanskje skulle fortelle litt om planan fremover. I dag og i mårra har vi mid-term break, altså to daga fri. Så det e ganske herlig. Vet ikke helt ka æ skal gjøre i den her langhelga, ettersom været e skikkelig trasig og vi egentlig hadde planlagt piknik på stranda, men vi får se. Kanskje sola titte frem tilslutt. Neste uke begynner exam-week (uææ), men æ skal heldigvis bare ta eksamen i engelsk og social studies. Det kan bli ganske vanskelig fordeom, ettersom vi bare har vært på skolen i to mnd, mens alle andre har lært ting helt siden februar. Men æ skal no prøve å gjøre mitt beste. Det blir en opplevelse værtfall, fordi eksamenan som e her nede e ganske annerledes fra dem i Norge. Etter exam-week drar æ endelig på den utsatte snow-campen.. Og så e det nesten ny ferie allerede. Da får vi ferie i to uke, før neste og siste termin starte. I den ferie skal æ reise på en south-island trip, som går rundt store dela av sør-øya og æ får sedd og opplevd masse artig. Det blir f.eks mulighet til å svømme med delfina, gå på isbree, kjøre jet-boat, prøve bungy-jumping og paragliding. Det glede æ mæ skikkelig til!!

Take care