fredag 31. oktober 2008

Camp in Abel Tasman + update

Wow, I must say Im not very impressed with my blogging lately. Sorry that Ive been sooo slow, but yea there has happened quite a lot. My closest friend down here, Karoline, went home to Norway last weekend but luckily shes coming back again in a month or so. Well that was very sad and its weird here without her...

Anyway, the last three days I spent on a camp in Abel Tasman national park, which is where all the golden beaches are. Oh man, that was soo amazing! It started wednesday, and I was the only girl, along with two teachers and six year 13 boys, haha so that was fun. It was a sea kayaking camp, and the first day we were kayaking for 6 hours. I thought it would be a lot harder than it actually was, as this was my first time sea kayaking ever. But it was hard, no doubt about that. Luckily I was in a tandem kayak with another person. We went past so many amazing beaches, saw many seals (there was just like 1meter between us and the seals, and one went under our kayak), and then on the beach which we stayed the night we saw a dolphin, it was only 2 meters from us. SO COOL! The weather was great, really warm and sunny.

Then on the next day we did some more kayaking and met the two other groups which had been mountain biking and rock climbing. The last day I spent rockclimbing which was a lot of fun but I was also very tired and had sore hands from the kayaking.

Well its raining here, again.. Not much to do about that. And then there was halloween yesterday so I went dressed up as a devil, haha. That was fun!

BTW, thank you so much to everyone who has written me letters, postcards and sent Norwegian milkchocolate, you guys are amazing!!!

Take care peeps

lørdag 18. oktober 2008

South Island Tour

Hello everyone!

I know I havent written anything in like two or three weeks and Im sorry, but Ive actually been away for 2 weeks. So yea, I have a lot to tell u guys about now! Well anyways, I just got off the phone with mum, dad and Birk. I really, really miss them, so it was so nice to talk to them again.. Its not like Im really homesick but I do miss Norway, Tromso and the life-style I have at home. But Im alright, I guess its maybe because the holidays are over and Im back, but not really back home..

Yeye, over to my amazing trip. We started off the tuesday after the holiday started. We were going to drive in a bus around the South Island. I think we were maybe 28 people, Karoline (Norwegian girl), one italian girl, me and the rest of them were Germans. I dont mind Germans but when its a big group of them they tend to speak German only, which was annoying. They were very nice when they spoke English though.

First destination was Greymouth, which was as you maybe guessed from the name of it, kind of grey and boring because I didnt have any activities there. We stayed at a backpacker which was quite shabby but also an experience because there was some um, ecentric people staying there as well. This guy seemed to know everything, and told us he had been to Norway, Sweden, Then Africa, England and so on. So it was interesting to talk to him, but I doubt all he said was true.

Next day we drove to Franz Josef, and I dont have anything exciting to say about that place. We also stopped at the Pancake Rocks, which was really cool. As you can see from the photo, the rocks look like many pancakes on top of each other. Another really cool rock formation was the Mouraki Boulders. It kind of looked like something aliens could have brought here, haha. Completely round rocks that just came out from the earth (see photo).

The good thing about driving in a bus was that we got to see so much of the country and the nature. That was very interesting because the nature changed a lot from day to day. The east coast was nice with beaches and rocks, then we moved more up in towards the middle of the South Island and there the nature was more like rain forest. Down towards Queenstown the landscape got really similar to Norway, with mountains and fjords. And of course when Im mentioning Queenstown I have to say something about the activities I did there. You see Queenstown is actually the adventure capital of the world, so it has many extremesports to offer. I experienced a really cool jetboat trip in a canyon, where they drove the boat in a way that we almost crashed into the rocks all the time. Scary but sooo exciting. However I did something even better as well. Bungy jumping is one of the best things Ive ever done. The most scary part was to actually jump of the bridge and the 3 first seconds you dont feel that youre attached to anything so its just a free fall, but then suddenly the bungy pulls you up again and you just hang there for a while. Afterwards I felt great, and proud of myself haha. I really recommend it!!

When we were in Christchurch (one of the bigger cities on the South Island) we did some shopping and in the evening we went to a Maori Heritage Village. That was so interesting and just amazing! They had made everything into a roleplay, and you were kind of a part of it so in that way we learned a lot about the Maori history and what happened when the settlers came. The actors were so good and definately scary when they were supposed to be maori warriors! After the roleplay we got traditional maori food, a hangi, which is food cooked in a hole in the ground with leaves and stuff on top of it. YUM!

The rest of the trip was also a lot of fun but I definately think Ive said enough for this time. Hope everyone is good back home and in the more northern parts of the world.

Kyss og klem