lørdag 29. november 2008

How to be a kiwi:

Last week was really busy because I was one of the editors of the international yearbook, and seeing that we are almost 100 int.students, it was a huge job putting it all together with profiles and photos of everyone, as well as pages about subjects, teachers, NZ food and other things such as school events. However, now the yearbook is finally finished and it's really great. So I thought I'd just copy one of the pages, which tells you how to be a kiwi. So after reading this you might have a better idea of what kiwis are like. Enjoy!

1. Eat spaghetti out of tins, often in a toasted sandwich

2. Walk barefoot everywhere, at school, in town etc.

3. Live in a house with just one floor

4. Drive on the wrong side of the road

5. Love ginger (ginger beer, ginger nuts, ginger hair)

6. Say "thanks" or "cheers" to the bus driver

7. Be relaxed all the time and have "no worries" because it's "all good"

8. Do not have a bell on your door or your bike

fredag 14. november 2008


Hey yo!

At my school its about 92 international students, so Im far from the only one. They are from all over the world, but the majority seems to be asians and germans. The good thing about being so many internationals is that the school really knows how to deal with us, and have a really good program for us. Something that isnt very good is that some of the internationals seems to stick with people from their own country, which of course is understandable because its easier and feels safer, but then they miss out on one of the reasons you go on an exchange, which is making friends from a different culture than your own. In that way Im pretty happy that we're only three Norwegians here.

Next week we start the two week internationals program, and then we'll learn NZ cooking, about Maori culture,health issues and so on. Im one of the editors of the international yearbook as well, so we'll be working on that as well. But then, its finally summer holiday, and Im going to Aussie to visit Linnéa. Thats gonna be so awesome!!

Have fun

mandag 10. november 2008


On Nayland College they have something once a year called prizegiving, in which all the people who have done very well in subjects or co curricular activities gets an award. It is a good thing because if you do very well you get aknowledged by the entire school, and it shows that the school really appreciate your effort. They have 4 different prizegivings, one for sport, one for cultural things, one for those who were second best in a subject and one for those who got excellence (best) in their subject. The ceremony is pretty boring though, and I actually got an award for being second best in social studies level 2 (which made me very happy, yay) so I had to go to three different practises and stuff because it is pretty formal. Anyway I thought I'd just say something about the prizegiving because its a really good thing to motivate students, so maybe something Norway should follow? Something thats not very good though is that sooo many students drop out really early, some even before they are 16, and its very common. I guess its because its quite easy to get a job here, even if you havent finished college.

Other than that I dont have much to say really, but I only have one more day of normal school left before the other students get exam leave and we start our two week international program with cambridge english everyday (bah) and learning Maori haka and stuff, so hopefully that'll be fun!

Take care peeps