søndag 28. desember 2008


Yep now x-mas is already over, or kind of anyway and its been a very different experience. Christmas eve all the Scandinavians came to my place and we made a gingerbread house and men, with lots of lollies as decoration. That was a lot of fun, but I must admit it felt a bit weird doing Christmas stuff and listening to Christmas music when its like 25 degrees and sunny outside. Totally opposite from minus degrees and darkness.. We even watched some episodes of "The Julkalender" haha because Audun had it on his computer.. Then later that day Karoline, Henriette (her bestfriend from Norway who is here for a month) and I went out to eat tea (dinner) at a restaurant. That was our attempt on a Christmas eve celebration, which was nice. After the meal we went to this Christmas carols thing in the main street. It was a lot of people and everyone was singing and holding candles. So that must have been when it felt the most like Christmas.. We had fun translating the carols while we were singing, so we got a few weird looks haha. Everyone who hear us speaking Norwegian think its sounds Japanese or something..

Christmas day we got up around nine and went out in the livingroom to open presents as the first thing we did that day (Crazy to open presents in the morning but fun! Even though I really like waiting till the evening because then you have something to look forward to the entire day..). I got so many nice presents, and soo many more than I expected. I even got my very own Christmas stocking, filled with very nice gifts from Santa (To be honest I suspect they were from my wonderful hostparents). I got everything from jandals, books, beach chair and chocolate to a travel kit, PJs and notebooks. Then I got some very nice things that my family had sent me, and that meant a lot to me as well!

After the opening presents session we had a great breakfast. They said we would have a BBQ breakfast so I expected kebabs, steak and salad for breakfast haha, which was far from what we actually had. We ate hash browns, egg, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes, only that they were cooked on the barbeque. YUM! And we also drank some bubbles. Very nice Christmas Day brekkie! Um then didnt do much before dinner, went to Phillips for a while which was nice and he gave me some very nice gifts as well. Christmas dinner was good, we had turkey and stuff which isnt the usual Kiwi (New Zealand) xmas dinner, but my hostmum is English. The kiwi xmas dinner is more like a BBQ. The day ended with watching "Ghost" on TV and eating some of the xmas cookies i'd made (Berlinerkranser and Silkekaker)..

So yep now its over but oh well its still holiday and it finally seems like the weather has settled so im spending heaps of time on the beach and in the sun. Its so nice! And tomorrow we're actually going on a helicopter ride over my town, thats gonna be craazy and scary haha.


tirsdag 23. desember 2008

Back in wonderful NZ

So now I'm back in New Zealand, and wow its actually "lillejulaften" today which just feels totally wrong, but I dont mind because at the moment the weather is great. Sunny and warm. Perfect weather for the beach. However, we are going to try to get some x-mas spirit tomorrow (julaften), making gingerbread houses and men, while listening to Christmas music. After that Karoline, Henriette and I have planned to go out for tea (what they call dinner down here), and in that way celebrate x-mas eve. Since I came back I havent been up to much, done the last bit of Christmas shopping and just been to the beach. On saturday we went to a party, and the theme was christmas. That was fun! I love the fact that they have a theme at almost every party down here, because everyone makes an effort to really dress up!

This will be a weird christmas without my family, the snow and the darkness, but Im still looking forward to it. Its exciting because its so different, almost completely opposite from our celebration. We're gonna open the presents in the morning on the 25th, then have a BBQ-brunch, then do whatever we want and in the evening we'll have turkey. My hostmum is English so she knows what its like not to feel like its christmas. So we might have some English Christmas traditions as well, which will be nice. And of course, I LOVE summer so its great being able to go to the beach every day and stuff..

Hope everyone on the other side of the world are have a great Christmas with snow and everything!

BTW, sorry I cant comment under each photo, but theres something wrong with the computer.. Anyway the photos above are just from the past few days..


torsdag 18. desember 2008

Aussie and stuff

Hey yo!

Back from Aussie yesterday, and that was just awesome! Sooo good to meet Linnea again! And oh I just have to tell you about when I saw Kanye freakin West at the airport in Wellington, because it was just so crazy! First time I just walked past him and didnt really realise who it was because he was just walking there all by himself. Then I saw him like four times after that and I even had eyecontact with him once haha. He and his crew also went to Melbourne, but on another plane, however I stood next to him in the passport line, and managed to take a crap photo with my phone. After that I walked to get my luggage, and omg one of his crew guys actually talked to me, haha.

Oh well, enough about Kanye, more about Australia. I stayed with Linneas hostfamily, which was really nice. We got to do so much cool stuff. The first weekend we went to a wildlife park and got to see kangaroos, wombats, snakes, crocodiles, coalas and so much more. That was cool. Another highlight was when we went hot air ballooning. Most of the days we spent shopping either in the city or at shopping malls, which was great and I found a lot of nice things. The food in Melbourne is amazing, and they have so many nice cafes. One day we had lunch at Jamie Olivers restaurant Fifteen, yum! The second weekend we went to a place called Phillip Island and stayed at a beach house. Unfortunately it was pretty bad weather, but we still went surfing on the saturday and that was so much fun. Its kind of hard though but in the end I managed to stand uo almost every time, and once I was standing all the way in to the beach. Haha yea amateur much.

Now Im back in Nelson and its almost christmas. When I arrived the first thing I noticed was all the parcels on my bed. I have to say I have the best family and friends ever. And Karoline brought me so much nice stuff as well. Thank you so much! Yay, just look at the photo of all the things I've got. Presents, chocolate, smaagodt, gingerbread house and cookies and more. YUM! And thanks to those who sent me money to buy xmas presents, theres a photo of what I bought as well. Yesterday we decorated the tree so now I'm really looking forward to x-mas day.

Merry x-mas!!

mandag 1. desember 2008


First of all, just a little update on my life down here. Finally the summer has arrived, and now the holidays have started as well. The last couple of weeks at school we had a program for all internationals, making pavlova (traditional NZ dessert made of merengue, whipped cream and kiwi fruit. Some people claim it's originally from Aussie though), working on the yearbook and going on camps. We had one camp for all int. students and on that camp we had a x-mas meal, made x-mas cards and learned how to plait flax in the way Maoris used to do it (see photo).

Then a couple of days later I went on another outdoor education camp to Golden Bay. It's seriously such a wonderful place, all the beaches are just amazing. I slept on the beach under the stars, craaazy, it was just so cool. Then one of the days we went to like a river pool, and the water was freezing (almost as cold as in Tromsoe).

Last weekend I hanged out with Phillip on friday watching High School Musical yaay, then on saturday I went to Paige's Bday party and slept at Lily's afterwards. Sunday we slept in, and then we watched Mean Girls and just talked.

Yesterday I had a concert with my Hiphop group which was fun, both my hostfamily and boyfriend came and watched me. Today I'm just relaxing, and packing because tomorrow I'm going to AUSTRALIA to visit LINNEA, sooo looking forward to it!!!

Take care!!