tirsdag 7. april 2009


Hello everyone!

This is gonna be my last blog entry, and it's also most likely to be short. Today it's only 6 days left of my stay here in New Zealand, and honestly the time has gone way too fast. I can't believe I actually came here in July last year, and have lived here for 9 months now. It's just crazy, and unbelievable that I'm leaving my life here soon. Of course it's incredibly sad, because I have made so many good friends here and really settled well. Leaving my boyfriend is also going to be very hard. Luckily I have an amazing family and great friends waiting for me back home, so I know I'll be alright. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone again, it's gonna be awesome!
The last days I'm going to hang a lot with Phillip, go to parties, a last shopping trip to town with Starbucks, have a picnic and maybe go on a trip with some friends.

One thing I'm not looking much forward to is the travel, it's soooo long but I guess I just have to endure it. This is how it goes:

Nelson - Wellington - Auckland - Hong Kong - London - Oslo - Tromso

With love,


lørdag 7. mars 2009


Hello heia Hello heia Hello heia hello heia Hello heia Hello

Well, to be honest I don't really have a lot to say this time but I just thought it was time for a update even though nothing new has happened. School this term is actually more demanding, which I guess is a good thing seeing that Im going back to Kongsbakken. So I better get used to doing homework again, I must say it's been nice with a more laidback lifestyle though. That's definitely one of the things I'll miss about New Zealand, as well as heaps of other things of course.

For some reason I feel like I have nothing interesting to say. The two last weekends have been pretty quiet, but nothing wrong about that. I've seen a lot of movies lately because of that though. One of them is "Slumdog Millionaire". It's an AMAZING movie, so go see it!! Especially cool to see it after I've actually been to India.

Oh and then I have two exams next weekend, what a blast. not. The best part is that my teacher thought it wasnt untill the weekend after, so when I heard I kind of freaked out. But oh well, after thinking about it it's better in a way, because then it'll be over and done with sooner. So yay, can't wait till saturday afternoon. NO MORE CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH WORRIES..

Today I've been with Karoline, and she got one of her tattoos redone. Looks awesome! Then we had thai food for lunch. Yum, the best food in the world! I had a soup, the soup that my dad always makes so that was very nice! And yea, I know i've said this before but the food here is so cheap and I dont know how I'll cope with being back in expensive as Norway. I paid 10 NZ dollars for my soup, which is less than 40Kr. Crazy!

Only 5 weeks left now, and Norway here I come!!

Sorry for the boring update, but maybe (?) it's better than nothing.

XOXO from AOTEAROA (New Zealand - The land of the big white cloud)

tirsdag 24. februar 2009

Finally an update!

Kia ora

Sorry, wow I haven't been blogging since like a month ago. Not good enough! Well it's simply because I've been busy, and partly me being lazy as well. Anyway, a couple of things have happened since last time I wrote. School started a month ago, and its going good. The subjects I'm taking this term is maths, english, design art (really cool, you get to be creative and also learn stuff like photoshop), french (Im in a class way over my level, so the first day everyone spoke french to me and I had no idea what they were saying haha. So now I know what it must feel like for many of the japanes people who comes here and can't speak much English.), physics (pretty hard, but I actually kind of like it) and then social studies, which is one of my favourite subjects because we have an awesome teacher, and she uses really cool ways of teaching. We often watch movies, use music and the other day we watched a simpsons episode which related to how the way people defines "cool" changes.

Then two weeks ago I went on a leadership camp, which is for all the Y13 students. It was really cool. During the day we were divided into different teams, and had to do all these physical challenges which needed good cooperation and communication to work. Then in the evening every team had to perform a small play, including a song and a dance. That was hilarious, everyone did such a great job and made really funny plays.

Other than that there hasnt been much going on. I still dance hiphop once a week, and then I go to the gym often. Now the load of homework have also started to get bigger, compared to last year when I barely had anything except from in psychology.

It's really crazy to think about the fact that I'm leaving in less than 2 months. I think it's just 1,5 month left now. To be honest I try not to think about it, because it makes me really sad even though I don't really realise that I'm going home. There is so many people I'll miss, and just the relaxed way of living. But on the other hand I'm very much looking forward to come home and meet my family and friends again.

Well enough said, and I promise it wont be that long till next time I write! Take care everyone!


lørdag 24. januar 2009

Kaiteriteri & stolen bag!!!

Hello everyone!

Last week I went to this wonderful place called Kaiteriteri (means food eat eat in Maori), where there is amazing beaches, baches and two motor-camps. I went with Karoline, Alex, Phillip and his family and we stayed at their bach which was in walking distance to the beach. We did some really cool things like biscuiting (sitting on an inflatable couch after a boat). In Nz they love all kind of watersports like that, water-skiing, jet-skiing, wakeboarding and so on...And I don't blame them because it's so much fun! I'll definitely try water-skiing next time I'm at the cabin in Voss. I really had an awesome time in Kaiteri!

Then when I came back we went to a guy called Zascha's poolparty. I had a lot of fun, but unfortunately when I came back from the pool my bag was gone.I had both my phones, a brand new perfume, shoes, sunglasses, housekeys, necklace and more in it.. We spent so much time looking for it but I was sure it was stolen. People were so nice though, trying to help me and stuff. The weird thing was that when my friends texted my phone the people who had stolen it replied. It was obvious that it was just some silly guys thinking they were having fun. So the morning after my hostmum and I went to the policestation and reported the theft, and the police lady said it was actually more realistic that my friends and the people at the party would find out who had taken my bag. She couldn't have been more right, later that day my bag was found in the middle of a field but without my phones, shoes, sunglasses and perfume. Luckily I have great friends and a boyfriend who all worked on finding the people who had taken it. The day after I got my perfume back, after one of the guys I know took it from a girl he's working with. Apparently she'd said something like: oi wanna see my new perfume, its half empty haha.. And then he'd asked to see it, and just snatched it haha. And now today I got my Norwegian phone back, after my boyfriend found out who got it. It was like one guy taking my bag and then it was passed around to like 10 different guys, taking whatever they wanted. I guess in cases like this it's good that Nelson is a pretty small city. I just can't believe why people are so stupid and mean, and it was a really annoying experience but also really weird because the day after my bag got stolen I really thought I'd never get any of it back, and now most of it is returned. So I'm just so glad I have all these great people!

Not much else have happened lately, its only one and a half week left before school starts and I still haven't really sorted out my subjects. More about that next time.

And oh BTW, just less than 3 months left before I go home. Scary..



onsdag 14. januar 2009


Hey guys!

Sorry but it's gonna be a short one this time, because im on a internet cafe so dont have much time to write. Anyway, at the moment Im enjoying the holidays here in Pohara Golden Bay with my hostfamily and Karoline. We're camping in this massive tent and its just great. 20 metres from the beach and everything. The other day we went to a place where you could actually feed eels, and I even went into the river and touched them. Haha crazy and fun! Most days we just spend in the sun, so the tan is starting to look pretty good haha. Well cant write more right now but I will when I get back and then upload photos as well.