lørdag 24. januar 2009

Kaiteriteri & stolen bag!!!

Hello everyone!

Last week I went to this wonderful place called Kaiteriteri (means food eat eat in Maori), where there is amazing beaches, baches and two motor-camps. I went with Karoline, Alex, Phillip and his family and we stayed at their bach which was in walking distance to the beach. We did some really cool things like biscuiting (sitting on an inflatable couch after a boat). In Nz they love all kind of watersports like that, water-skiing, jet-skiing, wakeboarding and so on...And I don't blame them because it's so much fun! I'll definitely try water-skiing next time I'm at the cabin in Voss. I really had an awesome time in Kaiteri!

Then when I came back we went to a guy called Zascha's poolparty. I had a lot of fun, but unfortunately when I came back from the pool my bag was gone.I had both my phones, a brand new perfume, shoes, sunglasses, housekeys, necklace and more in it.. We spent so much time looking for it but I was sure it was stolen. People were so nice though, trying to help me and stuff. The weird thing was that when my friends texted my phone the people who had stolen it replied. It was obvious that it was just some silly guys thinking they were having fun. So the morning after my hostmum and I went to the policestation and reported the theft, and the police lady said it was actually more realistic that my friends and the people at the party would find out who had taken my bag. She couldn't have been more right, later that day my bag was found in the middle of a field but without my phones, shoes, sunglasses and perfume. Luckily I have great friends and a boyfriend who all worked on finding the people who had taken it. The day after I got my perfume back, after one of the guys I know took it from a girl he's working with. Apparently she'd said something like: oi wanna see my new perfume, its half empty haha.. And then he'd asked to see it, and just snatched it haha. And now today I got my Norwegian phone back, after my boyfriend found out who got it. It was like one guy taking my bag and then it was passed around to like 10 different guys, taking whatever they wanted. I guess in cases like this it's good that Nelson is a pretty small city. I just can't believe why people are so stupid and mean, and it was a really annoying experience but also really weird because the day after my bag got stolen I really thought I'd never get any of it back, and now most of it is returned. So I'm just so glad I have all these great people!

Not much else have happened lately, its only one and a half week left before school starts and I still haven't really sorted out my subjects. More about that next time.

And oh BTW, just less than 3 months left before I go home. Scary..


2 kommentarer:

Karina sa...

Virka kjempekjekt!!
eg skal reise til NZ i natt.
vil berre sei at eg har lest bloggen din lenge, og ser ut som du har hatt det supert! håpa eg får det like kjekt.


Tuva Eriksen Ringheim sa...

Åj, masse lykke til! Æ e sikker på at du kommer til å få det kjempebra fordi NZ e bare fantastisk!