tirsdag 24. februar 2009

Finally an update!

Kia ora

Sorry, wow I haven't been blogging since like a month ago. Not good enough! Well it's simply because I've been busy, and partly me being lazy as well. Anyway, a couple of things have happened since last time I wrote. School started a month ago, and its going good. The subjects I'm taking this term is maths, english, design art (really cool, you get to be creative and also learn stuff like photoshop), french (Im in a class way over my level, so the first day everyone spoke french to me and I had no idea what they were saying haha. So now I know what it must feel like for many of the japanes people who comes here and can't speak much English.), physics (pretty hard, but I actually kind of like it) and then social studies, which is one of my favourite subjects because we have an awesome teacher, and she uses really cool ways of teaching. We often watch movies, use music and the other day we watched a simpsons episode which related to how the way people defines "cool" changes.

Then two weeks ago I went on a leadership camp, which is for all the Y13 students. It was really cool. During the day we were divided into different teams, and had to do all these physical challenges which needed good cooperation and communication to work. Then in the evening every team had to perform a small play, including a song and a dance. That was hilarious, everyone did such a great job and made really funny plays.

Other than that there hasnt been much going on. I still dance hiphop once a week, and then I go to the gym often. Now the load of homework have also started to get bigger, compared to last year when I barely had anything except from in psychology.

It's really crazy to think about the fact that I'm leaving in less than 2 months. I think it's just 1,5 month left now. To be honest I try not to think about it, because it makes me really sad even though I don't really realise that I'm going home. There is so many people I'll miss, and just the relaxed way of living. But on the other hand I'm very much looking forward to come home and meet my family and friends again.

Well enough said, and I promise it wont be that long till next time I write! Take care everyone!