tirsdag 7. april 2009


Hello everyone!

This is gonna be my last blog entry, and it's also most likely to be short. Today it's only 6 days left of my stay here in New Zealand, and honestly the time has gone way too fast. I can't believe I actually came here in July last year, and have lived here for 9 months now. It's just crazy, and unbelievable that I'm leaving my life here soon. Of course it's incredibly sad, because I have made so many good friends here and really settled well. Leaving my boyfriend is also going to be very hard. Luckily I have an amazing family and great friends waiting for me back home, so I know I'll be alright. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone again, it's gonna be awesome!
The last days I'm going to hang a lot with Phillip, go to parties, a last shopping trip to town with Starbucks, have a picnic and maybe go on a trip with some friends.

One thing I'm not looking much forward to is the travel, it's soooo long but I guess I just have to endure it. This is how it goes:

Nelson - Wellington - Auckland - Hong Kong - London - Oslo - Tromso

With love,